Monday, March 25, 2013

Airport-Sponsored Sports Teams? "It could work!"

My bracket in my March Madness pool shot to number one before my championship pick Georgetown went down to Florida Gulf Coast. Nate Silver put it best while the debacle was unfolding:

Pathetic. But his snark got me thinking, why not have an airport sponsor a team? You could have different tier leagues as well, D-I teams sponsored by Chicago O'Hare, Logan, LAX etc, D-II by Allegheny County, T.F. Green and so on. You could even have leagues sponsored by different types of transportation infrastructure,such as the EZ-Pass league. Lots of opportunity there, imagine a Final Four of Jersey Turnpike, Mass Pike, Ohio Turnpike and Ft. McHenry Tunnel. The teams could function as minor leagues for the NFL and NBA and raise badly needed revenue for our cash-strapped transportation systems.

Yeah it sounds absurd, but no more than an institution of "higher learning" running a sports/entertainement business.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Strange, Surreal and Stupid Sunday

Hmmm, wonder what this says about the editors and readers: top newswatch stories on include Giant Seacumber Eats With its Anus and Phallus Worm is Missing Evolutionary Link.

Yes this is a worm and not a sex toy.

Sooo...... Fox News is part of a left-wing conspiracy? Even includes the requisite Hitler reference!

From the "And you thought your life sucked" files.

I didn't know too much tea would mess with your bones, but if you're drinking 150 bags a day you have to expect something bad.

Sorry Mr. Ohio DA, Phil is out of your jurisdiction.

Physicists debate about nothing, is Jerry Seinfeld hosting this?

Love from beyond the grave, sounds like a CW series.


Only in Philly - hoagie corruption!

Ummm, maybe your dog is laughing at you and not with you.

And Chupacabra is back!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Our New Arrival

Although the old school house still has a lot of projects to be completed, I have spent the past month concentrating on getting as much done as possible before early March, to the detriment of this and the other blog (something has to give). The driving force and deadline for this redoubled effort on the house was the new kid's ETA of March 4th. Well just like his brother, Kevin arrived a few days late but made his appearance late on the 7th at the Wilmington Birth Center. Right now I'm flying almost solo taking care of Joe (who's home sick from daycare). Once Mama is up and about, it'll be back to renovation, writing and geology for me.
Kevin just after making his first appearance.

Napping at his new home.