Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No COMMONwealth of Penn. when it comes to gas.

Screw the round-up this week, there is one very important Marcellus story for Pennsylvania.

Imagine that one weekend you head for a nice relaxing time to fish, hike, camp and chill-out in one  of YOUR Pennsylvania Parks or Preserves...and there where expect some natural solitude is a an industrial operation going on to extract natural gas. Even worse, you have no rights to the gas and other than lease costs there are no royalties to be collected from the gas recovered from your, my land, OUR land.

This will be the case because Gov. Corbett will lift the moratorium on new natural-gas drilling in state lands
His administration has already and very quietly, removed the requirement that DCNR perform environmental impact analysis prior to drilling in any of these areas.

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