Sunday, March 18, 2012

Return of Strange and Surreal Sunday

Dateline India: A former Mr. Universe turns 100. Must be due to his time in prison, nuthin' to do but work out.

Nothing adds oomph to your "God is Great" proclamation than doing it in the front of a school.

So Williams Jennings Bryant is now a rich Morgan-Stanley exec...and anti-cabbie crusader.

Good thing I live in Pennsylvania and not Delaware, I always thought of mowing DUI, and I have a push mower.

Of course those drunk mowers can get ornery when there's no cooked sausage.

550 foot monument on filled land + earthquake = sinking (?)

Sometimes irony is tragic, man was killed by tornado he was taping from his house.

At the St. Paddy's roast for pols in S. Boston, Scott Brown (yep him) zinged Santorum, I won't spoil it.  He knows where he's running.

More Santorum spillage into Sunday.

And finally,  a strange beast kills livestock in Namibia. Could it be Chupacabra?

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