Sunday, June 17, 2012

Strange Surreal and Stupid Sunday

Been a lost few days internet-wise, series of unrelated illness among all of us in the old school house, but I'll be able to use my down time to catch-up. It being Sunday and all, I return to an Old School House tradition...

I don't know why everyone is surprised by the Rockies' allowing an infield home-run, remember Game 1 of the '07 WS?

"So I was pulling a dead mouse of a stray cat's mouth and shockingly I got the plague."

Forced child bathing, ahh Texas ... well I guess they have time for this since they don't teach science or actual history there.

Now this may seem to be a worse reaction to bodily odor, but even been in an enclosed space with someone with smelly feet?

Then again, people will wait in line to meet a flower that reeks, but hey it's free.

Just because you're naked and 80,cops in SC won't take crap from ya.

Play Borat national anthem and  go to jail, I actually sympathize with Kazahkstan on this.

And finally a PACK OF CHUPACABRAS, with pictures!

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