Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sep 9th, A Sunday, time for strange, surreal and stupid news.

I didn't reckon that we had some real-life rootin' tootin' cattle rustlers here in Pennsylvania. Sure dem cows were rustled up there in Massachusetts but they wound up here.

I hate it when the dog gets into something.

You don't want 'em to drive drunk in their own cars do ya? Think about how that would affect their insurance.

The pigs will be the end of us, at least those who go to state fairs. Was Leviticus right?

Pacino to play Paterno? Will he channel Micheal Corleone or Ricky Roma? At least they had the sense to put this story under the Penn State Scandal section.

Once upon a time CNN's Headline News proudly "all the news in 30 minutes" and they delivered. Now? Well there's this, real important stuff ( and yes this was a leading story on the cable version).

Beware grumpy old men, they hold grudges.

I've lived in Rhode Island, there is nothing shocking about a cursing bird, in fact it would be more shocking if it didn't.

No new chupacabra news - the coverup deepens!

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