Sunday, March 24, 2013

Strange, Surreal and Stupid Sunday

Hmmm, wonder what this says about the editors and readers: top newswatch stories on include Giant Seacumber Eats With its Anus and Phallus Worm is Missing Evolutionary Link.

Yes this is a worm and not a sex toy.

Sooo...... Fox News is part of a left-wing conspiracy? Even includes the requisite Hitler reference!

From the "And you thought your life sucked" files.

I didn't know too much tea would mess with your bones, but if you're drinking 150 bags a day you have to expect something bad.

Sorry Mr. Ohio DA, Phil is out of your jurisdiction.

Physicists debate about nothing, is Jerry Seinfeld hosting this?

Love from beyond the grave, sounds like a CW series.


Only in Philly - hoagie corruption!

Ummm, maybe your dog is laughing at you and not with you.

And Chupacabra is back!

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