Sunday, April 14, 2013

Strange, surreal and stupid Sunday, Apr. 14

It's not a strange, stupid and surreal roundup without a Florida story: Florida battles slimy invasion by giant snails

You can't buy rights to name exoplanet, says astronomy group - whew! No planet Trump.

 Graffiti force closure of Joshua Tree park sites - "They (park officials)blame vandals who posted pictures of their handiwork on social media sites such as Facebook, which enticed others to the same spot and leave their own illicit marks." Do kids these days have no grasp of the concept of incriminating evidence?

But in New Jersey graffiti and vandalism are part of the charm apparently.

‘Family Ties’ and ‘Modern Family’ define political parties - another reason why I'm independent.

Yum! Astronauts' Favorite Space Food: Rehydrated, ghastly pink, a little bit slimy

The San Francisco Treat!

I'll just quote this "A scion of the Scripps media family was convicted in Philadelphia on Friday of fleecing his mother and mentally disabled uncle of $3.6 million, cash he spent on cars, jewelry, and a playboy lifestyle for himself and two women - one a stripper, the other a porn star." 

The BBC looks set to play Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead, the Wizard of Oz song appropriated by anti-Thatcherites - Couldn't have happened to a nicer person, wonder what the Irish is for "rot in hell"? But how can you hate someone who inspires this?

While over here we have this (in Florida of course): Police Sergeant Fired Over Trayvon Martin Shooting Targets

Indeed: The strange beauty of salt mines

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