Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Been Away

From the internet that is. First I was up in Massachusetts and had spotty service, then the hard drive developed the Blue Screen of Death.

But that's not the full story. For I've grown bored and irritated with the internet. It is still useful as an accelerated and interconnected communications device with great resources, but as a place to spend much time "socializing" it is a pathetic world of paranoid libertarian/anarchist fucktwits with little regard to what actually happens on the ground as they say. It's reality TV on steroids (here is where I place the obligatory "I am aware of the irony). That's not to say there aren't real gems there, but the volume of crap is increasing. I have also grown increasingly annoyed at those impressed that they can use gadgets so simple an energetic cattle dog could operate them, the so-called "tech savvy" crowd. And then there are the people who are more freaked out that the metadata for their inane tweets and instagrams may be in an anonymous giant pile than they were over schoolkids getting slaughtered. Get off your pedestal folks, you're nothing more than the latest product of consumer marketing and the volume of crap you post and share will not grant you any sort of immortality. Long story short I needed to get away.

I will post as I find the time, mainly as a way to practice my writing but also as a means of venting. I could care less if anyone reads it, but if they do I thank them.

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