Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Obama, taxes and the "left"

I'm not to happy about President Obama's tax compromise with the GOP on the tax cuts myself, but the left-wing bloggers, pundits and Democratic pols should take a hard look in the mirror when criticizing him. They continue to demand that he have a backbone and clear message that they have yet to show themselves (boy, that sounds like university faculty). They have repeatedly shown themselves  unable to communicate with the public and arrogantly refuse to do so. Clear and simple political messages are not the same as dumbing down Shakespeare or quantum physics for godssake. Instead, what they do is the equivalent of of doing mathematical analysis of Big Papi's swing when explaining the outcome of a Sox game.  BTW, Maher, Olbermann, Moore, when's your rally? ....crickets.....

I feel like I'm beating a dead horse, progress and reform for the people can't come from the likes of professional students and post-grad policy wonks. It hasn't worked and it won't.

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