Sunday, March 27, 2011

Absurdities for a Sunday Afternoon.

In theses troubled times, its good to see suburbanites in Delaware and Pennsylvania have their priorities straight. Because imagine the problems we would have without sports programs.

Guns n' dog poop?... oh wait its Mississippi.

Now hold on a minute, maybe he's just a high talker.

Make's you wonder how many bullet grazing incidents there must be in Utah for someone to think this was a reasonable excuse.

So she goes, "I'm like so totally stupid for putting this like you know, on youtube."

Closing the house door after the snake gets out?

Well, you always want to lead with your head.

Never had anything like this in my high school, nor would you want to imagine any of the staff in something like it!

Chupacabra not real? Lies, lies and lies. Even Fox is lying, can you believe it? Sad thing is, this story has more coverage than the arrest of a white supremacist for attempting to bomb the MLK parade in Spokane or the Indiana DA suggesting a violent false flag operation to smear labor in Wisconsin.

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