Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Being away for a few days, I missed ranting about some important events in the world. But I can't pass up this little tidbit of breaking Chupacabra news. Yep,the fearsome goatsuckers are back (and about time I say). Probably crossing the border with the evil illegals. I link to the video so you can enjoy all the asinine comments people are spewing.
Looks like a dog to me, but who ever heard of dogs killing anything ? Its not in their nature, right? And there are no wild or feral dogs, right? No, the simplest explanation is an unknown being that could be supernatural or alien and is seen mainly by people who are abducted by UFOs and have their cattle mutilated by black UN helicopters.

Then again, maybe I'm part of the conspiracy, BAH HA HA HA!

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biglou said...

You are clearly just part of the cover-up. I haven't ever seen you wear the tinfoil hat to keep out the mind-control waves. I think Roger N. might have brain-washed you in the probe room. . .