Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Strange

Once again, trying to only comment on the really serious and pressing matters in weekend posting:

Sad case of police brutality, someone is gonna need some sensitivity training.

The Teabaggers will probably open a Russian branch soon, only cuz' they know this is how Stalin started, no other reason.

When doing business in Bethlehem, one should always consult the bible.

Ya can't open enough breweries to make Delaware stop sucking...just kidding, Delaware is a fine place...if you're a strip mall.

Really can't add anything to this, the story says it all. But just imagine what it looked like, an episode of the old Batman?

Poor German fries, George Costanza could relate.

And of course Chupacabra news! They're on the move, having been sighted in Oklahoma and they may be moving into Colorado. Look out paranoid hicks and exurbanites, they'll soon be in YOUR town!!!!!

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