Thursday, July 29, 2010

Misplaced priorities in Higher Ed, The beat goes on.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's athletic program is running an $8 million deficits and students have been charged a fee to support the program. So of course the basketball team is taking a $160,000 trip to Italy. The program claims that the money has been privately donated. Now call me crazy but wouldn't it make more sense to apply those donations to the deficit? IMHO most of these alumni donors/boosters were people who coasted through college partying and rushing and never learned a thing of value - of course they don't care about the academic mission of colleges and universities.

If faculty members nationwide really had any balls or backbone (and the tenured ensconced ones dropped the "I got mine" attitude) there would a massive strike across campuses to force administrations to focus the money where it belongs.

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