Monday, August 30, 2010

Gas Shale News for the Keystone state

Since I was away last week, I did not post the weekly rouns-up on Friday. Let's get to it:

Not quite PA, but the Albany Times-Union reports on proposals to sequester greenhouse gases in the Marcellus Shale.

Another story on the vulnerability of PA state parks to Marcellus development and more on the pooling issue. I predict that in Pennsylvania these two issues will be as big as contamination from fracking.

Speaking of which, Senator Bob Casey called for full disclosure of all chemicals used in hydrofracking.

State pols claim that unlike resource rushes in the past, this time Pennsylvania is going to get the gas rush right.

A consortium of community colleges plan to start programs to provide training for working in the gas industry, thanks to a $4.9 million grant form the U.S. Labor Dept.

The Gerson Lehrman Group includes the Marcellus in a summary of various unconventional "plays", neatly ignoring the environmental and property rights issues. Guess those are not part of cost analysis for professional investors.

SM Energy may be selling off its Marcellus assets. I wouldn't read too much into this yet, other than routine business wheeling and dealing, buying and selling.

The Norwegians are coming....

One apparent beneficiary of the gas boom has been shortline and regional railroads.

The state DEP is now enforcing stricter waste-water rules, although the gas industry feels it is being unfairly targeted. Meanwhile, over half the drillers have missed the DEP deadline for reporting their production.

Thomas Gentzel, the executive director of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, is pushing the idea that Marcellus play will provide a windfall for PA schools. The labor unions want in as well.

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