Sunday, August 29, 2010

More of random odd, surreal and pathetic happenings

You might say "I ain't afraid of no ghost!", but watch out for the train.

Sex parties?!? Well, its not what you think and is actually a bit more disturbing.

I was wrong, there is new life in the 'burbs.

Over in Britain they know how to stop the spread of "radical violent" Islam, just like the way they did it back in 1600s.

Ahh Delaware, I hate it when this happens.

Courtesy of CNN - the unbridled excitement of the Beckapalooza

Damn, people are on to the latest HAARP attacks.  Interesting that the U.S. Army and Navy are apparently using a project run by the AIR FORCE. Very sloppy conspiracy whackos.

And I didn't forget another account on the growing CHUPACABRA scourge, they have even spread to Ukraine! These look nothing like any feral or wild dogs.

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Anonymous said...

I would think rule number 1 for being a ghost hunter is to do your research. Like finding out if a haunted train track is still in use. Rule number 2 would be don't become a ghost yourself.