Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hottest Month Ever at Great Blue Hill

This is an  update of sorts to the August 6 post on a simple way to see warming.
The Blue Hill Observatory reports that July '10 was the hottest month in their 125 years of record keeping. Keep in mid that one hot summer or colder winter in one location alone proves nothing about global climate, but it is one local story consistent with the long term trends and  warmer global average T this year.  However,  some even use this story to support their denials. Yeah Tim, lets dismiss the longterm trends and global averages by picking a few cooler spots and claim to be rational and scientific. That's like saying, "OK I see the surgeon general's stats on smoking and lung cancer, but I'm still smoking my Camels and I feel fine. So I refuse to believe there's a connection."

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