Friday, October 29, 2010

A more signficant World Series than people think

There are some important things to discuss in our looming and intertwined energy and climate issues, but I don't feel like going there right now.

We're two games into the 2010 World Series and despite the pre-series narrative it's been about hitting and not pitching. The anointed  ones as this post-season began were the Phil's and Yankees, but here we are with San Fran and Texas. Of course, this is not the favored matchup, so the reaction of the national media and casual fans has been, "meh."  Hey, look (slightly) deeper and you'll find a series that is pretty significant for baseball.

What we have is a Giants team that hasn't won a series since they moved to the west coast and Texas, which has never played in, let alone won, a series. One thing is certain, one of these story lines is going to end. This can only be good for the game. Was it good in the 50's when every series was NY vs. NY. No (and NY is evil). Or the 60's when the Celtics won almost every NBA title?  Actually, yes since the C's are #1 and the world should acknowledge it.  But objectively and seriously, neither situation was good for their respective sports.

Competition, unpredictability and new blood are refreshing and exciting. Its a good year for baseball.

(I haven't bothered to look, but I'm sure some yahoos are playing it as the liberals (SF) vs. conservatives (Texas), but those people are idiots.)


Dennis said...

I've seen a number of stories about the liberal vs. conservative narrative, and you're right, those people are idiots.
I think the story should be about how the Giants somehow shellacked an otherwise untouchable Cliff Lee.

biglou said...

I think your absolutely right, although of course being a Bay Area native I am a partisan here, but I do love the fact that there is fresh blood in the WS. I was excited when the Phillies got in in '08, because it was new and different, but they are old hat now. It also gives a lot of hope to fans, because it feels like you really just need a hot streak, and your team could take it all (the long-suffering A's fan in me just keeps on believing. . .)