Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday...time for strange and surreal news

No Mulder and Scully, but still a UFO conference was a raging success. "A lot of people do believe in UFOs and ghosts but don't want to admit it," one Karyn Dolan said. Hmmm, yet people have no trouble saying they believe Glenn Beck. She goes on to say, "Eyewitnesses are generally ignored, despite their validity in criminal cases." Methinks she needs to learn how unreliable eyewitness testimony w/o supporting evidence is considered in criminal cases.

Christine O'Donnell is comin' to the University of Delaware for a debate. Sounds like a good fit...

Ahh Oregon....

China's hiring...Bigfoot hunters! $1.5 million is being spent, c'mon Obama, where's the money for Chupacabra research!

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