Friday, November 19, 2010

Marcellus News for Pennsylvania, Nov 20

Running behind this week, so just a quick round-up:

Encana Oil and Gas is ending operations in two NE Pennsylvania counties (Luzerne and Columbia) after determining that determining that further development is not viable.

Williams Partners LP will be buying Cabot Oil & Gas' Marcellus assets for $150.

Chevron will buy Atlas for $3.2 billion, which means the big boys are getting into the Marcellus, or so it appears at the moment.

The Independent Regulatory Review Commission has approved new safety regulations for gas drilling in Pennsylvania, which means nada if Governor-elect Corbett decides not to enforce them.

If Pittsburgh has its way, nobody will drilling within the city limits.

If you want to buy a home closer than 300 feet from an active or planned drilling site, you won't be able to get a FHA backed mortgage to do it.  Which likely means that vets won't be able to get a VA loan either.

Halliburton is providing a description of fracking chemicals in use, but says the disclosure is not in reponse to an EPA supoena.

A Tribune-Democrat: Editorial: Marcellus Shale-A boom at what cost? The election is over, but the issues remain.

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