Monday, November 15, 2010

That didn't take long...

The media loves to build something up and then tear it down, as the Tea Partiers are finding out. A poll that out today shows that most Americans don't share the narrative that discontent and anger is all about the deficit, 56$ worry most about jobs and the economy. That story disappeared pretty quickly, gotta keep the narrative going a bit longer, but eventually they'll find that they're no longer the media darlings.

It also seems the TPs are the jealous type, or more accurately the psycho-bitch Fatal Attraction type.  Seems they're a tad bit upset that the Claremont Institute had an orientation for freshman GOoPers at the same time the TP Patriots were having one, and according to the Hill they decided to harass and threaten their new found love for daring to even look at another interest group. I believe this is what is called narcissistic rage.

Ahh, but they all are firmly united on their goal of balancing the budget by slashing spending across the board, with no exceptions...except this and this and this...

Of course, Matt Taibbi already showed that they're full of shit so none of that should surprise us.

BTW, there's now an interactive tool that you can use to engineer a reduction of the deficit!

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