Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday again, strange news again

From the Dude, no way.

She may be 96, but I bet Texas would give her the chair!

The Stanley Cup tension must really be building, as bruins are taking it to any Canadians they can find.

Don't be fools, the cops know this cow could kill you and everyone you love.

A heat burst caused the midnight temperature in Wichita, KS to spike from 75 to 102 F in 20 minutes! I've read about these, really crazy sounding, but it;s just thermodynamics at work (if you believe in that sort of thing).

"Fredo, you broke my heart"

Wait - I thought the Chupacabra enthusiasts said dogs don't kill like this.

More animal news from Washington State. "A young black bear has outsmarted wildlife officials trying to trap it in Washington state....agents are following the bear to make sure it stays away from schools."
Do they think it's a drug dealer?

The picture alone tells you this isn't a good idea.

So all that muttering I hear is Dunkin Donuts fault.

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