Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ahh Sox....

Well it was an ugly and slow, not a quick and merciful death.  But with 2 WS championships in the past decade it was not nearly as bad as 1978, 1986 or 2003, not even as bad '88 and '90.  The team had no heart or drive this year so newbie fans should quit their whining.

Speaking of which, I found this crowning moment of "dumbness" in the comments last night:
without a doubt, francona is the dumbest coach that ever coached baseball.  I don't think anything was surprised that the red sox lost.  francona's dumbness leaves the players open to getting worn down and giving up.  I don't think there is a team in the league that gives up when they play against francona.  Because they know sooner or later francona will do
something stupid to allow them to get back in the game.  francona is dumb dumb dumb.  And the announcers on 103.7 won't allow anyone on the airways criticize francona. such dishonest broadcasting.
This is what happens when parents let the kids stay up too late. Capitals son, use capitals.  What's more pathetic is that this yutz has cut and pasted this in the comments for weeks.  In the end the comment is a perfect example of someone who is celeberity (aka player) worshiper.  Francona has two championships at the helm, that's how dumb he is.  He may even know how to properly write in English.

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