Sunday, September 11, 2011

Verizon outage

Most of my blogging is from the olds school house itseld, and since last Wednesday we have had no phone or internet.  I have posts ready to go, but the shirt time I can get in-line from the UD campus is taken up with other matters.
During a T.S. related downpour last Wednesday I lost my connection. I later found the phone/DSL line, which crosses the road from our property, broken.  Apparently it was sagging and likely was snagged by a passing semi.

The big problem is that Verizon will not repair it until the upcoming Wednesday.  They blame the lack of respense on the need for repair crews in the worst hit flood areas in the Susqhehanna Valley.  Maybe they should apply some of their record profits to hiring more linemen.

I will try to post tomorrow evening.  Right now I am on an air-card that is supposed to be used for SB's work.

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