Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Thing...wait, what?

Last night I saw a trailer for a new version of The Thing.

You cannot improve on the 1982 version, all you need to know about that one is Kurt-Fuckin' Russell and gore galore. Plus I first saw it on the messdeck TV of the cutter Diligence where audience "reaction" was a major part of the experience, I remember a cook named "Steamer" Derrigan saying, "If I saw that I would spend the rest of my life in a bar in Key West  doing shots going 'oh shit, oh shit."

Yeah, I know that the John Carpenter version was a remake of the (quite different) 50s version which was itself an adaptation of a short story, but there is a difference.  Unlike thirty years ago when an occasional remake of a B-grade or slightly better movie would be made, today all the major studios can come up with is vastly inferior remakes and movies inspired by video games, all aimed for a quick buck on opening weekend.  This new movie is supposed to be a prequel, but when have any of those ever been good? Besides the company behind it is the ones who did the crappy and forgettable Dawn of the Dead remake, obviously people without a spark of originality in their souls.

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