Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday wackiness roundup Nov. 20th edition.

Really pal, stop using Dungeons & Dragons as a handbook for life. I've never trusted those Society for Creative Anachronism types.

Drunk and proud of it.

Pilot gets stuck in the can and hilarity ensues.

A Russian says a weird skeleton with a triangular skull found  in Peru is that Alien!

"COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The sprawling pile of hundreds of thousands of tires isn't easy to spot from the ground, sitting in a rural South Carolina clearing accessible by only a circuitous dirt path that winds through thick patches of trees. No one knows how all those tires got there, or when." Oh come on, we know it's the triangle headed Peruvian aliens.

This is a great spoof of the latest GOP debate...wait, what? It's not a parody? God help us....

Couple name their kid Adolf Hitler, are surprised over everyone's reaction.

Oh so now the Chupacabra are hairless racccons, not mangy foxes. And I suppose Bigfoot is unidentified primate, not an interdimensional being - please.

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