Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Energy:Some Americans do know how to sacrifice.

Thinking long and hard, I've concluded that I should temper my earlier remarks about Americans and sacrifice. Coming from a working class background filled with first responders, service members (I was once both), and people who took whatever job available to get their families the necessities, it was inexcusable to forget that large numbers can and do sacrifice. This includes sometimes risking the ultimate sacrifice for others. However, the burden of change that must be made in terms of energy sources and usage in this country cannot be placed solely on the backs of these, my people. First of all without everyone contributing, efforts are likely to fail. Second, I would hazard a guess and say that per capita usage of electricity, heating/cooling and transportation from fossil fuels rises with income level. The exurbanites commuting daily by themselves from their McMansions with 2 acre lawns and so on cannot expect to continue to live their wasteful lifestyles while others who already sacrifice are expected to do more.

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