Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama's speech on the GOM spill

Bob Cesca writes what I've been thinking about Pres. Obama's Oval office address and the reactions to it..
Many of the comments in response pretty much prove his point.

Update: Jon Stewart did a montage of Presidents back to Nixon call for energy independence, you can see it at the Daily Show site. Unfortunately I think he missed the mark on it by making it look like a failure of just leadership and ignoring the lack of will among the American public on this issue. And based on comments I've read today on the clip, that's the attitude of many people.
Lets be honest, Americans lack the collective will to do anything about it. Congress doesn't do anything about energy because "thou shall not ask anything of the American people". Most of the American public (dare I say most of comfortable developed world) acts like and expects to be treated like spoiled children.

And deep down we know it.

'nother update: the fickle punditry changes their minds, what a shock.

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Anonymous said...

Colbert is right - the oil spill is a conspiracy by Dove to sell its oil-cleaning dish soap.