Sunday, June 13, 2010

Important Sunday Stuff

I've made a rule for myself that I if I post on the weekends, it will only be on the most things that affect our lives.

- As if you hadn't heard, Sox rookie Nava had an incredible first at bat as the BoSox continued to dismantle the Phillies in the early innings.
- If all that scoring made you dizzy, you could have watched the all-important US-England "match" in World Cup futbol. Yes, that is England, not the UK or Britain, which is why they had this flag and not the Union Jack. Anyway, it was apparently a stunning draw, 1-1, the two goals interrupting some thrilling 90 minutes of umh... er.. passing. Now I have heard many people badmouth baseball for being slow, but World Cup football play is strikingly similar to the outfield warmup tosses before a baseball game. FIFA I have one word for you - shot-clock!

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