Sunday, January 20, 2013

So all I do is stupid, surreal Sunday now?

That will change soon, nevertheless since it is indeed Sunday....

You can't make this stuff up:  Gun Appreciation Day Celebrated With Accidental Shootings at Gun Shows in North Carolina and Ohio (complete with ignorant, ahistorical paranoid comments from weapons fetishists).

From the blindingly obvious file: If she's afraid of kids, maybe this woman should pick another profession (just sayin'). 

How bad is Beijing’s air pollution?  Try “beyond index.” 

Don't hassle the dead boy, they have eerie powers.

Yeah, this isn’t racist. 

The NHL is back! Apparently so is the enticing aroma.

Cash is cash.

Sure, the dog ran him over.

We now know Walter White's nemesis for the final episodes of Breaking Bad

Just let me state for the record, this woman does not represent all cat haters.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the sweatiest part of your body (if you have to know).

So now I have to get naked the old-fashioned way at the airport?

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