Monday, January 3, 2011

First Marcellus Pennsylvania News For 2011

And its a biggie. The AP reports that unlike other states where fracking occurs, the Keystone state has allowed drillers to dump their contaminated wastewater in streams, including those that supply drinking water. Considering that many of the "Real' 'Merikans in rural PA would sneering mock anyone who told them their water was contaminated and then gladly quaff a pint of acid-mine drainage to show those "city-folk", I'm not surprised. When a political entity finds itself sitting on an energy bonanza it use it like Saudi Arabia or Alaska (to pay for public services and/or dividends to the citizens) or it can end up like Nigeria (environmental devastation with little tangible economic reward for most of the citizenry) Coupled with the fact that the drillers will not be subjected to any royalties thanks to the Teabaggin' pols in the state, it is obvious that when it comes to energy resources Pennsylvania has decided to follow the Nigerian instead of the Saudi model. Well what do expect from a state that elected a man senator who not only thinks Palin's great, but thinks she will win the state.

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