Sunday, January 23, 2011

Strange, surreal Sunday rundown...Jan 23

Hey New Yorkers, next time you have a little snow, look at what the way the pros do it in New England, just clear with the ATF first.

So the hippies weren't responsible for the drugged-out Sixties after all, it was 1950's houswives.

In case you were wondering where your order of mammoth tusks were, they've been held up.

That stellar journal of record, UFO Digest, may have found the long sought after link between HAARP and mass bird deaths. I knew it.

Does this mean that they're going to broil a cheesehead in Chicago in return?

The Scots say that veggies give your skin a healthier glow than tanning....wait a minute, Scots, vegetables and tans? Something's not right.

Chupacabras are back! The cover-up continues, THEY now say its a hairless bear. Sure.....

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