Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Marcellus News for Pennsylvania, Jan. 25

Two weeks worth of updates to get in. I'll skip my comments this update and give you the original headlines and lead-ins. I'll also pass on the business updates as well:

Committee Deciding Marcellus Shale to Have Just One Northeastern PA. Lawmaker
Standard Speaker
Only one lawmaker from Northeastern Pennsylvania sits on a key House committee that will handle bills dealing with the environmental impact of Marcellus Shale drilling this session.This happens despite the fact that the region has been at the center of a drilling boom for the past four years and deals with a legacy of environmental issues dating from the heyday of anthracite mining

Gas Industry's Impact Felt Locally
The Standard-Journal
When Gov. Tom Corbett was sworn into office last week, the climate of business in Pennsylvania changed, as did the government view of the natural gas industry...

DEP losing staff to gas drilling industry
Citizens Voice
The Marcellus Shale natural gas industry has jobs to offer in Pennsylvania and, in many cases, environmental regulators that once watched over the drillers are stepping in to fill the openings.

'Mad Money' Host Cramer Says Its Smart to Invest in Marcellus Shale
PW-Philadelphia Weekly 
The guy who told his television audience to keep their Bear Stearns investments six days before Bear Stearns shares dropped 90 percent, then feuded with Jon Stewart which culminated in, possibly, the most awkward, sad interview of all time?

Panel backs city plan to avoid buying Marcellus Shale gas
The Philadelphia Gas Commission is supporting a city councilman's efforts to keep natural gas harvested from Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale from coming into the city.

Pa. Governors inauguration marked by 'fracking' protest
Pennsylvania's new governor, Tom Corbett, took office on Tuesday and an environmentalist group opposing "fracking" in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale deposits didn't waste time in petitioning the governor. A group estimated at 150 were camped out about a hundred yards from the inaugural platform, unfurling a banner which stated their position: "Stop the Drilling."

L.R. Kimball brings on former DEP deputy as adviser
Pittsburgh Business Times
The government to industry funnel gained another one this week as L.R. Kimball announced that it has brought on a former deputy secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection as an adviser to its natural gas work.

Public concerns mount about Marcellus shale drilling
Tarentum Valley News Dispatch
Ron Slabe doesn't expect the anti-Marcellus movement to derail the natural gas drilling industry in Pennsylvania. But he trusts it will make it safer.

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