Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Marcellus News for Pennsylvania, Jan. 12

In W. Virginia, legislators are working on a bill that addresses many of the same issues in Pennsylvania, such as rules and fees, but they punted on the pooling issues.

National Fuel Gas is expanding its operations, shelling out $23 million to obtain of wells and property in Tioga County.

Talisman Energy of Canada plans to divest much of their Marcellus holdings, preferring to work in Texas gas shale plays that also yield liquids. The Marcellus Shale mainly yields natural gas and is considered "dry".

Speaking of Talisman, they were fined $24,608 by the DEP  for a diesel fuel spill that occurred in March 2010 at a Armenia Township well site in Bradford County, PA.

State Senator Pat Vance (R-31) voiced concerns about the disposal of drill cuttings at a Newburg (Cumberland Cty) landfill, which is some distance far from the gas shale dilling operations.

New Gov. Corbett, chose Michael L. Krancer, a judge on the Environmental Hearing Board, to head the Department of Environmental Protection.

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