Tuesday, April 26, 2011

People Need to Grow Up I: Obnoxious Internet Brats, Left and Right

Now I often spend time knocking the better-off liberal (or "progressive") activist class for being spineless in directly confronting the right wing and also for refusing to engage the working class, but that doesn't mean I want them to out Limbaugh Limbaugh.  This brings us to a vile post in a the supposedly satircal site Wonkette that mocked Palin's son with Down's Syndrome, Mediaite provides a good run-down on what all the noise is about.  Personally I think Palin's a joke and deluded people have elevated her and her family to some weird pseudo-religious status, but I also know that rational adults don't stoop to the level of a mean 12 year old bully in response and claim that it was somehow satire.

Methinks that although their stated politics are different, Drudge, Briebart and the Wonkette folks are all cut from the same cloth. Pretty much snotty internet nerds who have nothing but contempt for others in general. Neither contribute to the discussion or the solutions.

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