Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Weather

This has been a tough spring for gardening 'round these parts. We have a plot out front of house, around 10 x 25 feet, and share a larger garden on SB's father's farm.  I've been able to till our home plot, but since it has rained on average every three days and the temperature swings from near 80 down to 60 degrees F it has been hard to do much else. Plants started inside have done well, but the only seeds I.ve been able to sow outside have been peas, and they have yet to sprout.

In the U.S. as a whole the spring weather continues to be wild, with convoluted jets streams and numerous systems continuing to march across the land. As of today, they are still picking up the pieces from a massive tornado outbreak in North Carolina, awaiting another in the midwest, historic fires rage across a parched Texas, snow is occurring on the back side of the system and record warmth is expected here tomorrow.

There'll be more on the garden as the spring and summer progress, showing that having nothing but a huge lawn around your suburban property is a waste of your land.

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