Sunday, April 17, 2011

More random Sunday stuff

I've been to Iceland, people seemed friendly enough, though a little reserved. Turns out there's a lot of dicks there.

Single? Looking for love on-line? Its in your rational self-interest to check this site first, to see who to avoid.

Raul Castro thinks that term limits are a good idea.Guess he doesn't want to be the next Maximum Leader for Life.

"Dog the Bounty Hunter bails out Nicholas Cage." I can't really add anything to that, except the only thing missing is the involvement of Trump.

The first time was to case the joint and just rob it a little.

I wonder if the people who don't get Colbert are the same people who think Dilbert is funny. Anyway the creator of Dilbert is a self-impressed dick.

I guess when you're a low-level writer for a big city paper and they stick you with a stupid small town story, the best you can do is pun it up.

While searching for Chupacabra, I discovered Pancho Villa's finger in El Paso.

There's Chupacabra! In Goodyear, AZ this time.

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