Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Rambling, April 10

This week I feel like doing a little random musing as well as posting any strange stuff I've come across.

Asteroid 2005 YU55 - ever heard of it?  You will, because this puppy, "one of the larger potentially perilous space rocks in the heavens" will be passing closer than the moon on November 8. The 2012 Apocolyptcos will be all over it, I guarantee. I wonder if there's a way of making money off of them over this...

Speaking of fleecing the paranoid, gold hit $1475/oz on April 8.  The price is rising due to high demand driven by "worries over inflation."  Now if the price of something rises due to high demand, isn't that inflation?

This map is useless. Environmental factors are not constrained by state lines, and comparing things like "organic apples" and autism rates is like comparing, well apples to autism.

Would these guys have been fired if the pics were of women? Or did the pics also contain women, who were showing their uterus's? Is that the correct plural of "uterus"? Or is it "uteri"?

"How to survive at stay at the hospital"? Are there any editors at CBS?

 Maybe he's just a Ron Paul type who fancies himself a settler.

Considering the way things are going water-wise in the SW, the state of lawns in Phoenix is a moot point. BTW, why do people let these private homeowner's associations control irrelevant aspects of their property (and often force them to be wasteful), but at the same time freak out over their representative government doing something for the greater good?

Finally, a movie for all the self-impressed assholes out there.

Iceland rejects socialism...for bank losses.

No new news for chupacabra (sigh).

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