Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Santorum...again

Ricky has been on a tear this week:

Santorum thinks he has an advantage in the presidential race because a dog once pissed on him, or something. Hey, I have to pick-up dog poop every day, I'm as good as elected!

The Rickster also wants to "make America America again", well at least until he found out that pro-union, pro-immigrant and anti-racist Langston Hughes wanted to as well. What's even more fun is that many believe Hughes was gay. One thing about wingnuts is their short attention span; John Kerry used the line in '04 and was attacked for it based on the beliefs of Hughes.  You can read the poem here.

Our man is also on-board with Beck on the danger from leftists and Islamic fundamentalists establishing the "caliphate". Just like the way they cooperated in Afghanistan in the 80s, right?

You have to admire (ok you don't) Santorum's unwavering faithfulness to his fellow wingnuts. Instead of just hiring the most competent political operative-mercanaries, he sticks to his with his principles, thus hiring neo-Prohibitionist Sharon Angle's finance director.  Appropriately enough, she is named Amanda Kornegay.

The Rickster also went after Rep. Ryan's" kill the weak budget" because it's not Randian enough, saying, "My big argument with Paul Ryan is that he doesn’t apply a lot of these programs to the current generation of seniors..." Yes, many of today's seniors will happily eat dog food and drop dead while working $1/hour jobs.

If you were up super early today in Somersworth, PA you could've attended "a miniature golf tournament featuring Sen. Rick Santorum on Saturday, April 16 at the Hilltop Fun Center," Wow, now that IS fun it and even better registration started at 7 AM!

Talking about fun, here is a classic Santorum story from last February: "Sen. Rick Santorum.... blasted President Obama for siding with Egyptian protesters as they press for democracy, instead of the American-friendly authoritarian Egyptian government of President Hosni Mubarak." Never forget, that damn democracy cost the Rickster his cushy Senate job.

BTW, is Stephen Colbert Santorum's long lost twin?
As George Carlin once said, "Makes you think...or maybe it don't."

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