Monday, September 13, 2010

Gas Shale News for the Keystone State, 9/13 edition

First out of the gate is not in Pennsylvania, but the EPA hearing in Binghamton, NY is drawing national attention. The CBS/AP story reports, "Opponents of the process - hydraulic fracturing, or fracking - carried signs saying 'Kids can't drink gas' and 'Protect our water. Stop fracking America.' Supporters, including union workers eager for jobs, carried signs that said 'Yes to science, no to paranoia' and chanted 'Pass gas now!' "

A little known interstate and federal agency, the Delaware River Basin Commission, has halted gas projects in Wayne and Pike counties.

At  its annual meeting in Williamsport, the Pennsylvania Forestry Association examined the pros and cons of Marcellus drilling.

Not surprisingly, the Sierra Club is pushing tougher regulations.

An Indian company, Reliance Industries Ltd has bought into Carrizo Oil & Gas shale operations in NE PA.

The lure of "gas-gold" has created a real estate boom in SW PA. Oh boy, another resource/land boom - these always end well!

The severance tax is still the big issue in Harrisburg. Most say they'll support a tax, but the devil is in the details. The Repubs and the industry threaten that too high a tax will make them leave. Please...

Schools and others in the state want the tax money to go local concerns, citing increased demands on services and infrastructure as a result of the boom. Count the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners as supporters of the tax as well.

The candidates are still pushing all the jobs to be created from the Marcellus.

The Pennsylvania DEP has released a preliminary report on Marcellus Shale production. The reports are here, at the bottom of the page.

The Oil& Gas Financial Journal reports there may be a new problem with gas production, disposal of ethane

People in Texas are warning us about "environmental extremists" attacking wells in PA

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