Monday, September 13, 2010

Just some thoughts before I head out the door....

When I look out the electronic window onto the world, I not only see the challenges we face, but two loud crowds: the doomers and the denialists.
Both spend an excessive amount of time on-line and both drown out any other opinions. The denialists look at problems and say, "that's not true, we'll be fine, we'll only be fine as continuing doing what we're doin', nobody can tell me what to do...." The doomers look at problems, see the challengers and tough decisions and say, "its hopeless, nothing will work, its too little, no one cares, everyone is stupid (but me)..."  For the latter its a good thing there are real threats, otherwise they would have to invent some.

The doomers and denialist appear to be antagonists, but you know what? They're actually walking hand -in-hand, because they both are obstacles to accomplishing anything.

A few rules for life:
1) There are always problems to be addressed.
2) denying them doesn't make them go away
2) sometimes there are more of them and sometimes they are worse
3) sometimes there are no good answers
4) doing nothing is almost always the worst option
5) everything will have unintended consequences

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