Monday, September 20, 2010

Sanity and Fear -more news

Well now we have democratic party folks and the professional liberal commentariate upset at the Stewart/Colber event. Why? Well:
From Poltico, "the planned event has also produced a bit of hand-wringing among Democrats. For one thing, Stewart hasn't mentioned that labor groups and other institutional Democratic organizations are already planning a big Washington rally to counter Beck: The One America rally on October 2, which has been struggling to get the kind of attention Beck does. And the Stewart rally is also, for Democratic field operatives, at an inconvenient time: Its participants are "not doing GOTV on GOTV weekend" said Matt Ortega, a former DNC staffer, referring to a weekend typically spent knocking on doors and making calls in one's home district, not Washington."
 And from Slate. "Democrats look at the electoral map and see that they're doomed. Their hope rests on the resilience of liberal activists and union members, who will be spending the final 72 hours of the campaign pulling voters to the polls. And all of a sudden here come Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, turning a joke into a mega-rally and plucking liberals right out of their get-out-the-vote operations during their most crucial weekend."

OK numbnuts, Stewart and Colbert and their fans, may lean left, support Obama and hated the Bush years BUT they do not work for you. I know the right thinks they do and I guess this proves you're not that different. If you're in electoral trouble its your own hand wringing fault. You along with the right deserve to be mocked.

I know now why I registered Independent in '84 and never looked back. The people obsessed with the simplistic liberal/conservative world view on EVERYTHING are nothing but arguing loudmouths who really aren't any good at actually solving problems.

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