Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gas Shale News for the Keystone State, 9/21 edition

Chesapeake ordered to inspect 171 Marcellus wells
HOUSTON (Reuters) - Chesapeake Energy Corp must inspect 171 natural gas wells in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale after reports gas leaked into a river...

Corbett Releases Environmental Position
Corbett will create a bipartisan Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Commission that will address issues regarding the industry and will reach out to local ..

ACLU seeks more info on anti-terrorism bulletins
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Many of the bulletins included information about protests by groups opposed to natrual gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale. The alerts were sent to law ...

Talisman: severance tax would make drilling "uneconomical"
Towanda Daily Review
TOWANDA - The enactment of a natural gas severance tax at this time in Pennsylvania would put further Marcellus Shale drilling by Talisman Energy USA in the ..

Showdown looms in Harrisburg.
Philadelphia Inquirer
... heralded the natural gas in the Marcellus Shale as the state's most promising source of revenue in a generation. Pennsylvania's Gold Rush, they say. ..

Film takes anti-drilling position
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
... the energy industry have been pouring into Pennsylvania to snap up lease agreements from landowners to develop the gas rich Marcellus Shale formation, ..

PA Gubernatorial Candidates Talk Jobs
WFMZ Allentown
Onorato said he also wants to make Pennsylvania more inviting to businesses, but he's also concerned with the long term effects of the Marcellus Shale ..

Hopes hang on shale gas jobs
Danville News
He also commented on the need for Pennsylvania workers to move faster at obtaining the training they need to work in the Marcellus shale business. ...
Penn State gets $88 million for hockey arena, program
Philadelphia Inquirer
East Resources is based near Pittsburgh and holds substantial development rights to Marcellus Shale natural gas in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, ..

Chesapeake ordered to inspect 171 Marcellus wells
N) must inspect 171 natural gas wells in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale after reports gas leaked into a river and nearby water wells, a state regulator said ..

Southwestern Energy Denies Claims Drill Fluid Fouled Water Wells
The American Petroleum Institute, an industry group, says output from just the Marcellus Shale, which underlies much of New York, Pennsylvania and West ...

Report: Chemicals found in NE Pennsylvania water wells
The contaminated Dimock wells are in the Marcellus shale formation underneath parts of Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia and Ohio, one of the largest .

Mirabito, House Commerce Committee tour Pennsylvania College
Rick Mirabito hosted members of the House Commerce Committee on a tour of the Pennsylvania College of Technology today to show how the school is adapting ..

Accurate evaluation of Marcellus shale wells complicated by ...
Gerson Lehrman Group
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has released Marcellus gas shale production for the 12 month period from July 1, 2009 through June ...

Chesapeake Eyes Athens Township Site
The company is drilling into the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania. And, as Action News reporter Matt Markham tells us, the company has its sights on ...

Lawsuit: Gas drilling fluid ruined Pa. water wells
The Associated Press
Pennsylvania and West Virginia have seen thousands of wells drilled in recent years as the riches of the Marcellus Shale have become more accessible with ..

Severance Tax Impact--Not Much
WDUQNews (blog)
As the Pennsylvania legislature approaches an October 1st deadline for imposing a severance tax on natural gas extraction from the Marcellus Shale, ..

$1 million will fund gas institute
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
... here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, we're going to be hard activists with what happens to Marcellus Shale and the gas resources here,” Kanjorski said. ..

Natural gas stations in Western Pennsylvania's future
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
A shift toward using natural gas to power vehicles is gaining momentum, especially with the discovery of the Marcellus shale rock formation in Pennsylvania, ...          

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